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Based out of Logan Utah in the Cache Valley at the base of the Bear River Range. Schurke (dot) Graphics is a full service state-of-the art marketing graphic design studio. Providing businesses and individuals with graphic design, printing services, website hosting, web maintenance & updating. I can do it all for your business and can help you find cost effective solutions. Contact me anytime for help or questions with any web media design, graphic art, digital marketing, large format printing, email marketing, ecommerce, payment gateways, SEO, or help with your next print project.

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Custom Design Services for Any Project

I create custom graphic designs, device responsive websites and web-based ecommerce under the name Schurke (dot) Graphics. WordPress, Woocommerce, and other web-based solutions. Business branding, identity design, vector logos, print media, print production graphic design, and graphic art. Websites and graphics from big and bold to clean and nice. Website marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO / SEM), Google / Bing Map Listings, Google Voice, Apple Maps, Siri, Alexa, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp. Digital Marketing, long-tail keywords, SEO, schema data markup, meta data, email marketing, newsletters, Google API, AdWords, analytics, social media networking, and all that to make your business web presence impressions strong and lasting. Schurke (dot) Graphics researches each client’s business, business market, services, products, and competitors. Then uses this information to strategically make a smart plan of attack to get your project organized, planned correctly and completed. I design and produce projects under the client’s direction and feedback. I keep or create branding or style guides to give continuity to your brand, product or services across all platforms. Starting with an idea and moving through rounds of design refinement to get an end result that has a lasting affect.

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Marketing Graphic Design Services

Skills and Other Marketing Design Assets

Visual Identity, Branding & Logo Design

Custom designed branding and logos with a direct focus on an end goal. Schurke (dot) Graphics designs and builds for screen or print use, exporting all needed file types and resolutions, view portfolio.

User Interface, Web Design & Development

Website graphic design premium quality device responsive mobile first websites and web-based ecommerce websites using, XHTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, WordPress, Woocommerce, and other web-based solutions, view portfolio.

Environmental Graphic Design

Schurke (dot) Graphics embraces many design disciplines including graphic art, architectural, interior, exterior, landscape, and industrial design, all concerned with the visual aspects of communicating identity and information, view portfolio.

Graphic Art and Illustration Design

Depending on the needs of your project. Schurke (dot) Graphics can design graphic art and illustrations that successfully communicates your product or service, view portfolio.

Packaging Graphic Design

Creative packaging design with consideration of shelf space, shipping, hanging or standing, dielines, folding, function, and impressions. Its all science when it comes to being cost effective, view portfolio.

Publication Graphic Design

Print media design for any use. Books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, booklets, business cards, and more. Keep your brand’s continuity moving either digital or print, view portfolio.

Marketing, Advertising and Communication Design

POP / POS / B2B / B2C and more. Marketing graphic design for any market, media, function, or purpose, view portfolio.

Web-Based Ecommerce

Need a payment gateway? Web-based ecommerce websites using WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Paypal, Etsy, and other web-based ecommerce solutions. Product data input, for Amazon Seller and Walmart Seller. Sell anything anywhere anytime, view portfolio.

More Marketing Design Services

Website Updating

Updating and maintenance for any type of website. Add new photos, update text and links. Schurke (dot) Graphics provides constant routine updating as needed for your business with no extra fluff.

Google / Bing

Business map listings, business photos, analytics, API, and other Google / Bing search engine services at a cost effective price for any budget.

Schema Data / Rich Content

Get real Google and Bing results with code that the search engines understand. Standout from your competition with dynamic organic search or voice search results using schema markup on your website pages.


Schurke (dot) Graphics can help with any of the online newsletter platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Custom designs and account setup. Daily, weekly or monthly email blasts directly to your customers.

Vector Graphics

Turn your designs into scaleable print files or have Schurke (dot) Graphics make your a custom design. Graphics can scale to any size for print or screen use.

Large Format Graphics

Making graphics large is an entirely different ballgame. Get it done right at an affordable cost. Vehicle wraps, window perf or billboards. Large format print production design and file prep.

Payment Gateways

Schurke (dot) Graphics can help your business setup a payment gateway with any of the online credit card processing systems. Connect your products or services to your business banking account.

Social Media

From creating an account for your business or connecting platforms together. Feed your social networking into your website or get help with day to day social posts.

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